Who is using this now?

• Yohan Blake – 2nd fastest athlete ever over 100m & 200m
• Wayde van Niekerk – 400m World Record Holder
• Beauden Barrett – All Blacks Rugby Player
• Akani Simbine – 100m Commonwealth Games Champion 2018
• Carlin Isles – Fastest Rugby Player in the World
• Torie Bowie – 100m World Champion 2017
• Todd Gurley – NFL Running Back for Atlanta Falcons
• Antonio Brown – NFL Wide Receiver Tampa Bay Buccaneers
• Michael Thomas – NFL Wide Receiver New Orleans Saints
• Barcelona F.C.
• All Blacks Rugby Team
• Premier League Football Teams

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How The FMI SPEED BANDS Will Increase Your Speed

✅ Speed Bands ensure the leg muscles work against the resistance of the bands. This activates the fast-twitch muscle fibers in the hamstrings, quads, glutes, and hip-flexor muscles to help you increase your speed, explosive power, and balance.
✅ All drills and exercises should be firstly performed using the Speed Bands and then repeated immediately after without the bands when your legs feel light and strong. This is the contrast effect.
✅ The main advantage of the Speed Bands is that they can be worn while training for all multi-directional movements. This ensures all muscles that your sport requires are targeted and strengthened.
✅ Simply secure a strap around each leg, just above the knees, attach the resistance bands and you’re ready for a speed workout. Speed Bands can be used by athletes of all ages from 8 and up to improve athletic performance.
✅ If you are already an explosive athlete you can add the Blue Power Bands to your cart.
✅ All sets of Speed Bands come with a speed training program that will increase your sprint speed (Exercises included that Olympic Champions perform).

Speed Bands for Athletes
• 2 Leg Straps
• 2 Light Red Resistance Bands
• 2 Medium Strength Green Resistance Bands
• 1 Carrier Bag
• Speed Training Programme


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